RB: Gemma's a pretty controversial character. How do you feel about her?

KS: I really like her. I like that she's flawed but she doesn't think that she is. She's survived a lot, and people like that tend to live in a lot of denial. She knows how to get through life in her way, and she doesn't question it. It's just, "This is how it is." For instance, I don't think Gemma's ever been to therapy. She's not that girl. What you see is what you get.

RB: What's on tap for her this season? 

KS: Something very dark happens. The club is going to go through some turmoil—when you live an outlaw lifestyle, that's the risk you take. As my husband says, this season is all about loyalties. Henry Rollins and Adam Arkin are on the show this year, and they...well, I don't want to say too much, but they're not really good guys.

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