RB: As you mentioned, the show has been on for a pretty long time by TV standards. What do you think is the secret to its success?

LE: Great writing and certainly Hugh. And you know, we got really lucky. There are some great shows that come and go really fast, either because the network doesn't give them a chance or they just don't grab on to the psyche of the country quickly enough. We were really lucky when we started because we were pretty under the radar, but American Idol started that season. Suddenly, all these eyeballs got to see our show that didn't see it before that, and we managed to hold on to a lot of them, so that was great. But not every show has the opportunity to have American Idol before it.

RB: Everyone wants to know if Cuddy and House are going to get together. But before I even ask you that, how would you describe the current status of their relationship?

LE: When he got out of the hospital, I think he was newly determined to be the guy he wished he was, and that included the guy he wished he was in relationship to Cuddy. The thing is, though, she also had some time away and she's trying to be the best mother she can be and trying to sort out what it means now to be a mom and what her needs are as a human being and what would make her life best lived. What are the smartest moves for her to make? And I don't think House is really on that list. However, that said, feelings are feelings. It's very easy to rationalize yourself into an attempted different way of living, but it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to pull it off.

RB: Do you think they are going to end up together?

LE: They don't tell me, but I hope they do. I really do. I like those two together—I think they should be miserable together.


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