The Fox drama House has got it's groove back, that's for sure. After some slow seasons, the twisted hospital series won back our attention with the return of original cast members and provocative storylines that keep us riveted. Of course, the adorable Hugh Laurie as cranky Dr. House helps matters too. talked to Lisa Edelstein, who plays the all-powerful Cuddy, about her will-they-or-won't-they romance and the role of women in television today.
Rachel Bertsche: The sixth season of House seems to have had a breath of new life. Why do you think that's happening now?

Lisa Edelstein: It always feels fresh to me, but I think every year the producers try to keep it fresh and fun for themselves. They really haven't gotten bored with the game pieces, and I think it shows in the writing.

RB: There's been a return to the original group of doctors. What's it been like to go back to your roots?

LE: Well, all the newbies are also present, so it's been great. I love seeing everybody more than I had been seeing them for a couple of years. We have a wonderful group of people. We're very fortunate—it doesn't always happen that way.
RB: What's it like to work with Hugh Laurie? He's pretty amazing.

LE: He is amazing. He's an incredibly hard worker. Sometimes I look at that character and I think the character himself is like the sad clown, you know the brilliant sad clown, but Hugh is a warm and wonderful hardworking fella who I'm happy to work with.

RB: He seems like such a wonderful person to lead a strong ensemble cast like yours.

LE: Yeah, we've all been together for so long—which, again, is so unusual—that you begin to speak in unspoken terms...really know each other after a while.


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