RB: How did you prepare for this role? I would imagine that doing a biopic has a different preparation process than a fictional film might. What was your process?

HS: There were 16 minutes of newsreel on Amelia, and I learned that the cadence with which she spoke were really important parts of who she was. When you play a person who really lived, you don't have a lot of fictional license to play around. I think everyone had a different idea of who Amelia really was, so figuring that out was a big part of the character. Obviously the physicality of it was important—the freckles, cutting my hair off, becoming blonde. The way she carried herself was also very specific, and she was a very humble person. So studying her physically. The other side of it was reading about her. There are copious amounts of literature on her. You could spend years reading.

RB: But that sounds fun. The blonde, the haircut...

HS: Yeah! A great part of my job is getting to switch it up.


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