RB: Is it hard for you as an actor when you aren't interacting with somebody else? We see you every week on Ugly Betty when you're with such strong characters and you can react to them, and suddenly you're doing this alone in a sound booth.

AF: Definitely that's the biggest challenge. Luckily, I got to do a couple of sessions with Jay Baruchel, who plays Hiccup, and that was really nice because it really helped me to know what his energy was and what he was doing with the character. Then, when I was by myself, I could imagine and at least have a point of reference for who I'm interacting with, so that made it easier.

RB: Speaking of Ugly Betty, I know it's drawing to a close. What's that been like for you?

AF: It's a mixed bag of emotions. It's hard and very sad to say goodbye to my cast and my crew, my family of co-workers. And it's hard to say goodbye to Betty. She's a character I've played for four years, and I've come to really love her and feel close to her, and now it's sort of time to let go. Like everything in life, you say goodbye and you make room for new experiences. But I'm so grateful for having this be a part of my life.


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