Michael: We did a movie where we had a lot of sex scenes together and we tried to kill each other. Did you find it difficult doing in [this] film, or any more difficult than others?

Glenn: I felt I was in such a safe environment, and you were a fantastic partner with that. And I think we really believed it was extraordinary storytelling. You know, there were some scenes, like the elevator scene where I asked for a pitcher of margaritas and I drank probably half of it. And you were happy. [Laughs]

Michael: [Laughs] I was a happy guy. I was a very happy guy.

Michael and Glenn watch the scene where Alex slits her wrists.

Michael: I remember that moment in the theater. We were going along. It was intriguing and everything else, and that's when the audience went, "Ahh!"

Glenn: It was so brilliant to have the blood on your face because the audience didn't quite understand. And they are as shocked as [your character is].

Michael: I know you don't see Alex as a villain, but did it change your range of parts people thought of you for?

Glenn: Yeah, because people never thought I could be sexy. I'd never been asked to be sexy.


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