Michael: [We're] talking about our little flick, which turned out to be this whole kind of phenomenon. So you read the script, and what was it?

Glenn: I read it in one sitting, and when I finished, my temperature had lowered. I felt cold coming out of it, I had been so focused. The only thing that bothered me was the rabbit.

Michael: It still does?

Glenn: I just thought it was over the top.

Michael: Did you have any concerns playing a villain?

Glenn: I never thought of her as a villain, ever. Ever. That was the movie I probably did the most research on in my whole career. I went to psychiatrists because I wanted to understand, number one, is it possible for somebody to have her behaviors—particularly the rabbit. And if it was, what would cause that? Through that journey of discovery, I was told, "Yes, absolutely. It is possible for somebody to do this." And so I always thought that she was a human being in a lot of pain and she needed a lot of help.


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