Jeremy: Something I haven't experienced in this that you have is actually being at the awards. Is it unlike other awards that I'm sure you probably went to?

Ben: For me, I just went there and there were all these legends I had never met. It was just an incredible, overwhelming experience. I've gone like, "What am I doing here?" That's sort of the feeling I kept on thinking, "Is that really Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars?" I had just watched it from my couch in my $700 apartment two years before.

Jeremy: When you won your Oscar—which was awesome—Jack Lemon calls your name. So what happens to you, to your body?

Ben: Yeah, it was Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon. I gave really a terrible [speech]. We were young; it was just panic. It was like, "You say something." I wish, if anything, I would have written something or said something differently because I can't remember. I was in some jumble of panicked, just a complete nightmare of repeating myself.

Jeremy: But isn't that okay?

Ben: I guess.

Jeremy: On reflection, you wish you could be eloquent?

Ben: I don't need eloquent, just coherent.

Jeremy: Where are you going to be on Oscar night?

Ben: Just at home.

Jeremy: If my mom's sick, will you be my date?

Ben: [Laughs] Your mom would drag herself out. I'd wear a dress for you, anytime.


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