Ben: You got nominated for an Academy Award®, congratulations. ... You're taking your mom [to the ceremony]?

Jeremy: I'm taking Mama.

Ben: That's very good. I tell you, I took my mom to the Oscars. Just [want] to caution you to set some boundaries because then Mom starts thinking she's going to go everywhere. You know, every premiere, every press junket.

Ben: Have you shown [The Hurt Locker] to any troops? Have you gotten any reactions from servicemen and women?

Jeremy: Yeah. I'm going to be sitting next to a bunch of families who have lost their sons or daughters. It's heavy. I mean, it becomes [where] it's not a movie anymore. These are people's lives that we're talking about. The biggest compliment I got, I think, was: "We know it's not an EOD training film, but damn, did you capture something, an idea of what we go through in a day. That's pretty awesome. It's something I can show my wife and she has an understanding kind of about what we do."


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