Kirstie's latest job was inspired by a pledge she made the last time she was on The Oprah Show.

In April 2009, Kirstie told Oprah she was going to lose 80 pounds and return in November wearing another bikini. "I am setting a goal," she said. "By November, I have to look ripped."

Well, that didn't happen...but Kirstie says there's a good reason. "I decided: 'You know what? I need a show that shows the journey of losing weight,'" she says. "Because losing weight isn't about, 'Here's your before picture, and here's your after picture.'"

After she left Chicago, she got in contact with a production company and began pitching the show to networks. "I'd lost about 20 pounds, and they said, 'Put the brakes on, because this is what we're paying for—to see you lose this weight,'" she says.

Kirstie says her first network deal fell through, but now, she has a contract signed, sealed and delivered. "Do you know when we closed this deal on the show? Midnight last night," she says. "I'm not lying."

The concept of Kirstie's "docu-reality" A&E series, Kirstie Alley's Big Life, is the making of a misguided mogul. Her children, Lillie and True, are also part of the cast. "I'm shooting from wherever I am. I'm going to have a videographer in my house basically every single day," she says. "I created the show, and I want it to be a real journey. I want it to be what really happens to you, inside and out."


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