After learning to clean houses, Kirstie graduated to decorating them.

Just a few years before landing a role on one of the most poplar shows in television history, Cheers, Kirstie got her first adult job at Dean's Designs, a Wichita interior design firm.

Go inside Kirstie's Wichita home, which she decorated herself.

Kirstie says she still doesn't know why Dean White, the store's owner, hired her. "I should have been fired for real. I was doing cocaine," she says. "He gave me the troublesome clients—we were a good match."

One day, while doing work for a client, Kirstie says she decided to make some extra money by putting up the wallpaper herself. "So my friend and I hung it over vinyl," she says. "It's about 6 o'clock at night, and all of a sudden, the wallpaper starts [peeling off] and just from every corner, it started folding in on us. And he still didn't fire me."

Kirstie says she stopped doing drugs in 1979. "I only did drugs for a couple of years," she says. "But I did my share...and yours."


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