While Oprah was in Dallas filming a show at the annual state fair, she did something she hasn't done in 26 years: a live newscast!

"I thought, 'Well, as long as I'm stopping by our affiliate, WFAA, in Dallas, why not see if they'll let me take my old job back for just a moment?'" she says. "So I gave it a shot."

Oprah shared the anchor desk with Gloria Campos, a TV news legend in Dallas. "I'm a little nervous because she is such a good talker," Gloria says. "Time might get away from us."

As the clock ticked closer to 5 p.m., Oprah says she started to get nervous. "My anxiety dream is always I'm sitting at a news desk with Walter Cronkite and all my papers are confused," she says.

But, as soon as the teleprompter started to roll, it all came back to her.

Watch Oprah's first live newscast in 26 years. Watch

"It feels rather natural," she says. "Kind of like riding a bike after a long time."


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