Oprah: There were many critics of it, and I think one of them called it a train wreck. Do you think it highlighted the dysfunction between you?

Whitney: Yeah, I do. I sure do.

Oprah: A lot of people, I think, after seeing you on that show, started to really worry about you and what was really going on with you. What was going on with you at that time?

Whitney: There were a few things.

Oprah: Were you happy?

Whitney: No. ... I wasn't happy with the marriage. ... I was losing me into that by trying to be pleasing.

Oprah: Were you also trying to—because the world had said it wouldn't last six minutes—were you also trying to prove the world wrong?

Whitney: I was determined to prove them wrong. So determined. And after awhile, you start to lose what the real concept is of the love. And you want to make a statement.

I was trying to make a statement. Like: "You guys aren't gonna win. You're not going to do that. We got married. We were in love. We were crazy for each other. We're wanted to have a family. I'm just not going to let you do that to us. I'm just not." And so was he. He was determined. We fought for that. And then somehow it got really kind of messy and got lost up in there. And then we started doing other things that entered into the marriage that you just can't come out straight when you've got a lot of outside stuff going on.


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