Oprah: Was that why you agreed to do [reality show] Being Bobby Brown?

Whitney: Yes, I did. I just wanted people to know that I was his wife.

Oprah: Did you realize what you were getting yourself into when you signed up for that?

Whitney: I did not. ... I knew when I signed my prenuptial, though. I knew what I was doing there. But, however, no, I didn't know. I was in love. I was crazy in love. It didn't matter to me.

Oprah: Did he come to you and say, "I'm going to be doing this show, and they're going to be putting cameras in our house"?

Whitney: Oh no, I didn't know. I really didn't know. Because to me, it was just like, "OK, I'm your wife. What do you want me to do?"

Oprah: Did you all watch the show?

Whitney: Sure.   

Oprah: And what did you think?   

Whitney: I didn't know quite what to think. I knew I was trying to be Mrs. Bobby Brown. That's what I was trying to do without overshadowing the whole situation, which was difficult.   

Oprah: So you did that for him?   

Whitney: Yeah, I did. I did it for him. I did it with him. How could you not do a reality show, and I'm your wife, and not have me in it?


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