Oprah: Was he jealous of you?

Whitney: He's not going to like this, but yes.

Oprah: Then did you try to overcompensate?

Whitney: I tried to play down all the time. I did. I tried to play: "I'm Mrs. Brown, everybody. Don't call me Ms. Houston."


Oprah: You started to dim your own light?

Whitney: Yep. Sure did.

Oprah: Do you still worry about pleasing him?

Whitney: No. Not at all. There's things I could say. I won't. Trust me, there's some things I really could say that he would really be mad about.

He never liked the fact that people would say: "You're jealous of her. You're just jealous of her fame and her fortune and what she has" and everything, and he would get really pissed off. But it's not abnormal for a man to feel that way. Or to feel that he was lacking.


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