Oprah: Was marrying Bobby a way to be out?

Whitney: [Nods.] In a sense, because he allowed me to be me. He was fun. Passionate. Loving. It was crazy. We were crazy love.


Oprah: But there were so many people who felt because the image had been painted. There you are in the gowns and the this and the red carpet. ... Was that strategic on your part?

Whitney: The princess marries the bad boy. ... It really wasn't. I was at the Soul Train awards show. He came on  thestage singing My Prerogative. He was fly. He could move, man.

Oprah: Were you first interested in him or he interested in you?

Whitney: He was interested in me.

Oprah: Really. What did he say?

Whitney: Bobby was more like: "Hey, check this out, I want to ask you something, you know? If I was to ask you to go out with me, would you say yeah?" I said: "Yeah, I would. I certainly would." And then from that moment on, we clicked. We were friends. Three years we went out before we got married. Three years we dated. Jet-setted all over the world doing what we wanted to do.


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