Oprah: When did the drugs start?

Whitney: Before The Bodyguard it was very light. After The Bodyguard, I had Krissy, it started getting heavy.

Oprah: What was your drug of choice?

Whitney: Cocaine. And marijuana. That's it. But he liked to drink. I wasn't a drinker. The alcoholism, that's an ugly thing. Either you're going to be a really nice alcoholic or a really mean one. He was really mean.

Oprah: His personality would become altered when he drank?

Whitney: Oh, dramatically.

Oprah: Was he violent?

Whitney: He was afraid to do things with me because my family was very, very, like: "Okay, boy. Remember. We told you once." So it was like he would walk kind of away from it, but me, I would become a little girl. I would become this little girl, like, wouldn't say anything. ...

Emotionally, he was abusive. Physically, no way. Because first of all, I was raised with two boys, and I will fight you back. I will fight you back with anything I can find.


Oprah: So, he never touched you.

Whitney: No.

Oprah: Never laid his hands on you.

Whitney: He slapped me once, but he got hit over the head three times.

Oprah: By you?

Whitney: Yeah. Because I was, like, "Okay, you're going too far."


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