'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 8Oprah's Big Give Episode 8 Recap 
The givers face the ultimate challenge in the Oprah's Big Give finale. Plus, the final twist is revealed—the Biggest Giver will receive $1 million! Jennifer Aniston makes a special appearance to deliver the news.
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'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 8Oprah's Big Give Episode 7 Recap
The final three contestants return to their hometowns for a special family reunion. Plus, award-winning actor John Travolta makes an announcement that stuns Oprah and the givers!
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'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 6
Oprah's Big Give Episode 6 Recap
The final four land in New York City to grant two dying parents two dramatic last wishes. Natalie Cole, Jada Pinkett Smith and Gayle King lend their star power to make huge dreams come true!
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'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 5
Oprah's Big Give Episode 5 Recap
Indy racing superstar Danica Patrick revs up the competition when she sends the contestants speeding off on a Big Give road trip. Every mile counts for the five remaining givers!

'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 4
Oprah's Big Give Episode 4 Recap
The contestants land in Miami, where they have 24 hours to create a supersized give. The stakes are huge—and the judges deliver a shocking decision.
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'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 4
Oprah's Big Give Episode 3 Recap
It's their biggest mission yet—so Oprah's calling in some star-powered reinforcements! More than 1,000 children are depending on the givers to make miracles happen!
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'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 2
Oprah's Big Give Episode 2 Recap
The contestants head to Denver, where the competition gets fast and furious. Plus, Oprah dials up the pressure with a Big twist.
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'Oprah's Big Give' Episode 1
Oprah's Big Give Episode 1 Recap
In the season premiere, the contestants get their first challenge—with nothing but a photograph, a clue and $2,500, they have five days to make dreams come true.


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