Oprah reveals the next challenge.

Oprah's Big Give has landed in Oprah's hometown of Chicago, and she's gathered the final three contestants at the world-famous Grant Park to tell them about their next mission: The Big Family Reunion. For the first time since the competition started, Brandi, Stephen and Cameron will be reunited with their loved ones. But going home won't be a vacation. Each giver will be given four days and $10,000 to find people in need and give big in a dramatic, creative and exciting way.

"Don't let your hometown down," Oprah says. "Your challenge starts now!"
Brandi, Stephen and Cameron.

Brandi, Cameron and Stephen meet host Nate Berkus, who is waiting with a helicopter that will take them around Chicago before they head to the airport to go home—Cameron to Roanoke, Virginia; Stephen to Bedford, New York; and Brandi to Sierra Vista, Arizona.

"Riding in the helicopter with Nate was incredible," Stephen says. "But I'm so homesick. I can't wait to see my family."
Brandi and Lynette Wilson

Back on her home turf, Brandi has no time to lose. She quickly gives her parents the details of her mission.

Brandi's mother tells her about Lynette Wilson, a mother of five autistic children who lives in the area. Lynette's husband, Todd, is away on active military duty, and Lynette has been trying to raise money to send the kids to a special camp for autistic kids for the summer.

After hearing Lynette's story, Brandi surprises her with $3,000 to pay for the children's summer camp.

"This camp will give the kids the skills necessary to overcome their disability and reach their full potential," Lynette says. "It will change our family's life."
Skylar Corvin

Hoping to rally the community of Roanoke, Cameron gathers his friends and family to come up with a game plan. "I didn't have time for hellos," he says. "I wanted to hit the ground running."

When Cameron asks for help to find a recipient of his Big Give, his mother shares the story of Skylar Corvin, a 10-year-old girl battling bone cancer. While Skylar was doing pull-ups at school one day, she irritated her shoulder. When she went to the doctor, her family learned she had bone cancer. Shortly after having chemo and her shoulder blade removed, doctors found more tumors in her leg.

The Corvins are feeling burdened by mounting bills, maxed-out credit cards and a run-down, unsafe van, but Cameron has plans to turn all that around.
Stephen meets the director of the women's shelter.

Stephen is giving back to the Northern Westchester Shelter for women, a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. "I've lived here my whole life, and I'm ashamed to say I haven't been involved with much of the charity that goes on," Stephen says. "I cannot wait to get started."

After talking to the shelter's director, Stephen learns that leaving a domestic violence situation is extremely dangerous for battered women. In order to assure the victims' protection, the shelter's security system is in desperate need of an upgrade.

"We're going to have a fundraising event at my house to help raise money for the renovations that the shelter's doing," Stephen says. "I am going to do my best to raise as much money as possible to make sure that the security system is in place."
Alysianna and her sister in the Sierra Vista parade.

After leaving Lynette Wilson, Brandi meets Alysianna, an 11-year-old girl who has recently been diagnosed with multiple brain tumors. When Brandi finds out that Alysianna loves the Miss Sierra Vista pageant, she decides to use her connections as a former Miss Sierra Vista to get Alysianna an honorary title.

"Being a former Miss Sierra Vista really helps me connect with a lot of people, and I think it's an advantage," Brandi says. "I mean, Cameron's not Mr. Roanoke."

The special day arrives, and Alysianna is in for a treat! Her schoolmates cheer her on as the current titleholder crowns her an honorary Miss Sierra Vista, and Brandi leads a parade in her honor.

"I will always remember this day," Alysianna says.
Brandi with James and the Thomases

Brandi's friend James and his wife tell her about Angie and Dexter Thomas, whose son Ryan recently suffered a near-drowning that caused severe brain damage.

The Thomases have stacks of therapy bills they can't afford, so Brandi steps in with $1,000. "I didn't expect somebody to walk in today and give us $1,000," Angie says. "We really need that money."
Cameron and Skylar

Cameron's big reveal for the Corvin family has finally arrived.

First, Cameron surprises Skylar with a widescreen laptop with wireless Internet, plus a website where she can keep an online diary for the world to see. He has also redecorated Skylar's room in her favorite color, pink, and remodeled the family's living room with cable television and a DVD player.

Additionally, Cameron raised $5,000 to pay the family's rent for a year, and got a car dealership to donate a new car for the Corvins. And since Cameron got everything for the reveal through donations, his initial $10,000 is going directly to the Corvin family!

"You have erased stress from my life," Skylar's father says.

"There's not one thing that I would change about the reveal. In my heart, I'm happy with everything I've done," Cameron says. "I feel like I've already won."
Stephen addresses the crowd

Stephen's friends and family gather at his house for the women's shelter fundraiser, and by the end of the event, the group has raised $43,000.

"It's great to have so many incredible friends who are willing to come out and help," Stephen says. "They're so generous, and they stepped up in a big way."
John Travolta and the givers

The contestants get a text message telling them to fly to Orlando, where they will meet up again with Nate. When they arrive, there's another twist—the contestants will be flying back to Big Give headquarters in a private jet piloted by superstar John Travolta!

Throughout the flight, the givers are pampered with first-class treatment. "The great thing about the flight was that for two-and-a-half hours, none of us thought about the elimination or the judging," Stephen says. "All we thought about is what a great gift was given to us by Oprah and John Travolta."
Cameron, Stephen and Brandi

At the elimination, Oprah is joined by John Travolta, who has one final surprise for the givers. "Stephen, Brandi, Cameron, you went home and you made us proud," he says. "I'm here to tell you some big news. No one is going home tonight. All three of you are moving on to the finale."

The judges decided not to eliminate anyone this week since everyone did such a wonderful job.

Special thanks to all those who helped during this episode of Oprah's Big Give .