'Oprah's Big Give' contestant Cameron and Beverly in the tollbooth

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Cameron's mystery mission address is a toll plaza in the middle of a highway. There, he finds out he will be shadowing Beverly, a tollbooth operator. "Beverly's nickname is Big Mama," Cameron says. "That alone tells me that she takes care of everybody and she's always willing to help others."

Cameron learns that Beverly's twin daughters each lost a newborn in the past year. After his shift at the tollbooth, Cameron decides to visit their house and do something special for the family. He surprises Beverly and her two daughters with spending money for each of them.

"Beverly makes a difference in people's lives every day," Cameron explains. "She has the mind-set that if she always has a smile, that will translate to the thousands of people with whom she comes in contact. She really deserved what she got today."

To take his day full circle, Cameron uses his last $69 back at the tollbooth. He gives an attendant the money and asks to pay the toll of the next people to come through.

"Hopefully they will just pass it on," he says. "It's a good feeling."