'Oprah's Big Give' contestant Eric waits at the wake.

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For his give, Eric goes to the fire department to see if anyone can suggest a worthy cause. The fire captain tells Eric about Ralph White, a police officer who recently died and whose wake happens to be that day. Eric heads to the wake, where he meets Ralph's son Shannon and offers to help out with funeral costs. Because he cannot spend more than $500 per person, Eric waits for other family members to arrive so he can give more. But as time passes, Eric begins to worry that the clock is ticking and he has hardly given away any money.

Promising to return the next day at noon and honor his word to pay for the funeral, Eric leaves the wake to try and spend the Maloof brothers' money in other places. "I'm definitely feeling some anxiety—$100,000 is a lot of money, and we've only got a short amount of time to get it all out there," he says.