'Oprah's Big Give' contestant Stephen hands out electronics.

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After taking the principal of Miami Edison Middle School on a $10,000 shopping spree, Stephen calls his father, George, who lives nearby. The two decide to pair up and give big as a team.

Stephen and George buy almost $30,000 worth of appliances and electronics, including stoves, refrigerators, freezer, microwaves, computers and iPods, to give away door-to-door in an impoverished neighborhood. "We're going to hand out all this stuff to about 30 or 40 families," Stephen says. "And then we're going to be out of here. We're going to have all the money spent."

"Today was probably one of the most momentous days of my life," George says. "Working with my son was fabulous and brought us much closer for the day and, hopefully, for the rest of our lives."