Angelo defends his decision.

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After being sent home during the second episode of Oprah's Big Give, Angelo travels to Chicago to discuss his experience and questionable car giveaway.

Angelo was eliminated after he decided to give his new car to Jake—a restaurant manager who already owned two vehicles—instead of the soldier he was committed to helping. Though time was running low when he handed over the keys, Angelo says his decision wasn't impulsive.

"I felt [Jake] was so deserving because he brought the community together. They gave all that they could [and] asked nothing in return," he says. "That's what I thought the Big Give was all about. So, in that moment, that's why I decided to give it to someone who showed those attributes."

Despite an early exit from the show, Angelo says being a contestant was an excellent experience. "It meant very much for me to be able to do those things for the families," he says.