A message from Ellen Rakieten, an executive producer of Oprah's Big Give  
Hi, everyone! Well, the BIG finale is over, and it was the end to an incredible eight weeks! The Oprah's Big Give team can't thank you enough for consistently making us one of the top-rated shows on Sunday night. We really appreciate the millions of you who tuned in to our show, and we hope it's inspired everyone to give back in their own lives. Every week, we heard stories of giving from families, companies and even young children. We wanted Oprah's Big Give to show our viewers that it's so important to connect with their community and give back in any way they can, and from what we've heard, it sounds like that's exactly what happened! Remember, it's often the smaller gives that have the greatest impact. I think Stephen summed it up best in Atlanta when he said, "the biggest give is to give of yourself." So, please continue to share your Big Gives by e-mailing the producers of Oprah's Big Give. Tell us how you've continued to be affected by the show, let us know about the Big Givers in your life and keep telling us about people who deserve a Big Give. We're always interested in hearing from you. It's hard to believe that the finale has already come and gone. While Stephen was named the Biggest Giver, all 10 contestants did an amazing job! I was blown away by all that they did in every episode. Again, thank you for watching and for catching the Big Give spirit!

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