In the new ABC dramedy Castle, Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle, a murder mystery writer who finds his story lines have inspired a copycat killer. When he teams up with a no-nonsense female detective to crack the case, sparks fly. 

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We caught up with Nathan for the series premiere.
Q: Richard Castle is a really fascinating character. What's your favorite thing about him? 

A: What I like about Castle is that the more I play him, the more I think he's just a little misunderstood. He kind of started off as this womanizing playboy, but I think that success just comes easy to him. He's well-liked, he's very playful—even women come easy to him. It's because he's joyful in life. He's very childlike, maybe even has a bit of Peter Pan syndrome. He's never really quite grown up—I think for a lack of a male adult role model in his life. He's always surrounded by women, and he doesn't really know how to behave like a grown-up.


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