Michael's relationship with his father, Joe Jackson, has made plenty of headlines throughout the years. When Michael spoke with Oprah, he was extremely open about the sensitive subject, saying his father called him ugly, beat him and frightened him. "I love my father, but I don't know him. ... Sometimes I do get angry. I don't know him the way I'd like to know him," he said. "My mother's wonderful. To me, she's perfection. I just wish I could understand my father."

When Oprah asked Michael why Joe beat him, Michael wasn't entirely sure. "I don't know if I was his golden child or whatever it was. Some may call it a strict disciplinarian or whatever, but he was very strict. He was very hard. Just a look would scare you," Michael said. "There's been times when he'd come to see me, and I would get sick. I'd start to regurgitate."

Joe Jackson has repeatedly denied any allegations that he beat Michael.

Oprah says she was surprised that Michael was so candid in his revelations about his father. "Even in saying it, [Michael tried] to temper it by saying, 'Please, don't be mad at me, Joseph.' So obviously you know that he still carried that fear and pain," she says. "Look in his eyes when he starts to talk about his father. His eyes shift."


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