JW: You've mentioned that you've done a number of serious films lately. Do you like doing lighter pieces? Do you have a favorite genre to work in?
MG: No, not really. It sounds really facetious, but I just like working. I don't really work a huge amount, partly through choice and partly just that's the way it's always been. I've just been very lucky. It's all about the director, really, for me and getting those opportunities, and hopefully good directors will kick on my way—otherwise I'm screwed!

JW: Speaking of directors, you got to work with Tom Ford on his directorial debut for A Single Man. Tell me what that was like.
MG: It's really, really impressive. Tom really smashed it out of the park as far as a directorial debut. You're always hoping that a film is going to come to fruition, but so rarely does a film exceed your expectations on every scale. I mean, I knew Colin Firth was going to give a really good performance, but he gives an exceptional performance. Julianne Moore's amazing, and Nick Hoult, who's also in the film, he's a bit of a revelation playing something very different.

Considering the movie was made in 21 days, which is nothing. Tom financed it himself; he rewrote the screenplay. He's an extraordinarily talented man, and it's just thrilling to be part of something that's being so well received.


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