No matter how successful she becomes, Barbra says there's always part of her that's still a little girl who never had a doll. "When you grow up poor, you're always poor in a sense," she says.

As a child, Barbra says she transformed a hot water bottle into her one-and-only doll. "When you don't have things, you have to use your imagination," she says. A woman who occasionally cared for Barbra even knitted a pink hat and sweater for the hot water bottle.

"You were poorer than I was," Oprah says.

Today, Barbra collects dolls and even built a doll shop in her 10,000-square-foot dream home. Her financial circumstances may have changed over the decades, but Barbra says she's very much the same. "The inside, the soul part, hopefully just grows," she says. "But I always said this about success—it doesn't change you. It just makes you more of what you were, what you are."


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