If you could have the perfect day off, what would you want to do?
KS: It definitely starts with that yoga class with my daughter and the walk to and from the yoga class so we can talk about what’s going on and catch up. And then definitely doing something together as a family. One of things we really do like to do is eat and make food together. ... That would be really nice. And, then maybe a date night with Kev. 

SR: What kinds of meals do you make together? 

KS: We like to make healthy tacos, or hot tacos, because it’s kind of fun and everyone can get involved in making small things and everyone can get what they want. Some people are meat eaters in the family, and some people are just a vegetarian, so they’ll just have the black beans and the other vegetables and a big salad. We haven’t had the four of us together for a family meal—because you know my son’s been in college—where we were home in, I don’t know, eight months or something, and God, my heart aches for it. 

SR: I can’t even imagine what that transition must be like. 

KS: It’s horrible. I mean, I’m so not looking forward to my daughter’s leaving the year after next. I’m already a wreck about it.


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