A question we love to ask is what inspires you?  

KS: Let’s see. I think what inspires me is when I see people who put something ahead of their own needs. I don’t really know how to better articulate that, but when they, you know, make a choice that’s not the easy choice, that’s not the selfish choice, that has to do with somebody else and putting aside their own needs.  

SR: What's the best piece of advice you think you’ve gotten? 

KS: In terms of taking care of yourself, I really think that it’s important to do one thing a day that’s nice for yourself. Whether it’s going down the street and getting frozen yogurt or an ice cream or something like that or taking a bath or doing something simple. I think that the one good thing that’s going on right now in terms of our fiscal struggles as a nation is that we’re getting back to doing simple things that don’t cost a lot of money. [Things] that really feed our soul. Whether it’s listening to a song you really love and singing, or bringing family together for a family meal because it’s cheaper than going out, or having your friends over and everyone brings something and you eat together as a group, as a community, as a family. I think we’re going to be forced to, as a nation, go back to the simple things that don’t cost a lot of money, that aren’t extravagant, but that ultimately will feed our soul more than buying a new pair of shoes. 


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