It seems to us like you’ve done a really good job balancing you’re professional life and your personal life. Do you have any tricks for how to make that work? 

KS: No. Definitely not. I think that making priorities and knowing what your priorities are will simplify to a certain extent how to make the list. Let’s put it that way. But that’s pretty much all it does, is simplify how to make the list. How to actually execute that list is challenging for every parent and wife and sister and brother that works. I think that when work is a priority—but it’s definitely below family—then somehow things do fall into place a little easier because you go, "Okay, if that’s first, then that needs to be tended to first." But it’s hard for me. I struggle with it all the time. You know, I should be learning lines and my mother calls. And what do you do? You pick up the phone or you let it go and you keep working on the lines? Now, when my daughter calls, that’s a priority and everything stops. But, you know, it’s challenging and I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of answers. I think it’s a learning experience a day at a time.


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