SR: So can we talk about your supporting cast? The ensemble of this show is so much fun to watch. 

KS: Yeah, it’s a great. It’s really a remarkable group of people, and everyone brings something so special and unique to the table. I just am really lucky to have them. We throw the ball, and they always send something back. And, they’re also really fun, funny people to be around who are happy to be working and happy to have their jobs, and that’s really lovely. 

SR: Is it grueling to shoot? It seems like an hour-long drama of this nature would be tough. 

KS: It is. It’s really hard. There’s a lot of work involved, the hours are long, and I get tired. It’s exhausting. But whenever I can be in the middle of the really hard day and then there’s a really great scene to shoot, I just get up for it. You know? Because it’s acting. It’s what I love to do. And being creative keeps me alert and awake and alive, and I’m really grateful.


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