The Middle Ages were grim and violent, but Pillars is about how the human spirit can rise above its circumstances, and each of the principal characters does this in a different way.

Tom Builder is an architect and master builder with a vision. He devotes his entire life to building something of beauty—a cathedral, which is his compass to God. Tom uses his gentle strength to inspire and motivate those around him to understand and tap into their own abilities.

Jack has been an artist from boyhood, with a natural talent that needs guidance. Tom makes him his protégé and treats him like a son, knowing he will someday need to pass the torch on to him. Jack grows to be a leader of men, who shies away from no oppressor. He is everything Tom wanted him to be—and more.

Prior Philip is a pragmatic man who only wants the best for his flock. When confronted by opposition, he rises to the occasion and manages to fight against the tyrants who threaten his people by using the power of wit over brute force...a method of fighting that sometimes takes longer, but usually brings long-lasting results and is infinitely more satisfying!

Aliena was born into pure privilege. When all wealth and status is taken away, when she is humiliated to the point of breaking, Aliena's survivor instinct kicks in. She will always make the best from her present situation, but not lose sight that one needs to stand up for what is right.

Authors who see their work adapted for the screen always experience trepidation...will it be true to the book? Will the characters come to life and hook audiences—audiences that include people who have read the book and those who haven't? I have no doubt that you'll be as happy as I am with the result of this adaptation.

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