Q: What's playing on your iPod?   

A: I listen to a lot of Patty Griffin all the time. I saw Kings of Leon open for U2 like four years ago, and I've been a big fan ever since. I love this new album of theirs. It's just so great. They have two songs out right song is called "Use Somebody," which is so good. And another song called "Sex on Fire," which sounds weird but is really good. It's just like a cool throwback to real rock. 

You know when you watch awards shows and the people in the rock 'n' roll category you're like: "What? You're pop, you know that, right?" Or like: "You're alternative rock. Not rock. Metallica is shooting themselves right now." It's funny how things have become kind of pseudorock, which is a fine thing. You know, college rock. I get it, it's popular, but Kings of Leon sounds like rock, like rock 'n' roll, but it's still accessible. It's still pop, it's still there. It's pretty cool.  


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