Q: You're such a soulful singer. Why did you chose the pop genre?   

A: After Idol like seven years ago, I had people asking me: "Are you going to go country? Are you going to go soulful? Are you going do pop? What do you want to do?" because no one knew what to do with was kind of all up in the air. My whole thing is I chose pop because it's popular music and you can kind of do anything. You can bring in those influences that are completely different. I mean a lot of people do hate on pop radio because they do play a lot of the same songs over and over, but the one thing that is cool about pop radio that I think differentiates if from other genres of music is you get a lot of styles. You can hear something urban or something rap right after you hear Avril Lavigne or right after you hear Katy Perry or right after you hear Coldplay.  


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