Justin Timberlake joins Oprah's Fridays Live panel for a day.
The March 2009 issue of GQ hails Justin Timberlake as the most stylish man in America. He's also a six-time Grammy-winning superstar and hit-making producer!

When he's not singing, producing or performing, you can often find Justin as a frequent Saturday Night Live guest—and in the design studio working on his new clothing line, William Rast!

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Justin Timberlake talks about Saturday Night Live.
During one episode of SNL, viewers were falling out of their chairs when Justin played a backup dancer in Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" video—leotard, pantyhose and all. The sketch is a YouTube sensation with more than 35 million views...and counting!

Although Justin has only officially hosted the show twice, he says the producers are great about letting him drop in for some "drive-by comedy" whenever he's in town—which is how Justin's "Single Ladies" performance came about.

It all started with a call to friend and SNL performer Andy Samberg—who asked if he'd seen the video yet. "I actually hadn't," Justin says. "So he sent a copy of the video to me, and I called him immediately and I said, 'We're going to be dancers in the video, aren't we?'"

Justin says he doesn't take himself too seriously. "You put a grown, you know, pretty hairy man in a leotard, and it's just funny," he says. "I felt sexy in the pantyhose. I'm not afraid to say that."
Justin Timberlake on humor
Justin admits he was "sort of a clown" as a kid—and his parents couldn't agree more!

"His favorite thing to do in the world is to stand behind the corner and just scare the bejeezus out of you when you come by," says his mom, Lynn. "He just thinks that's hilarious."

"It's not so much the scaring," Justin says. "It's just the moment after."

Justin Timberlake on romance
Rumor has it that Justin and girlfriend Jessica Biel are engaged...is it true? "I'm not engaged. If she is, we have a problem," he jokes.

As far as romance goes, Justin says it doesn't have to be all wine and roses. "Romance is best captured in the spur of the moment," he says. "I think that comedy is very romantic, as well. You can plan this whole evening out and then things start to go wrong, and if you can kind of accept that that's going to happen, there's romance hidden in there."

Justin Timberlake on marriage
Tabloids around the globe are constantly speculating about Justin getting married. He says the time isn't right. "I just have enough trouble taking care of myself," he says. "It's a tough thing to sort of negotiate, especially for younger men."

Justin says he thinks young people should think long and hard about making a commitment like marriage because they still have so much to learn about themselves. "People change like the seasons. I'm going to be a different person next year to myself than I am right now," he says. "You [should] have that ability to say, 'I accept you for who you are and who you're going to become.' Because if we stop changing, then what are we doing?"
Justin Timberlake brings Oprah a cover from Ellen DeGeneres.
For months, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tried to convince Oprah she should be on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine—and it worked!

The duo will be shooting a cover for an upcoming issue. So, when Ellen heard her good friend Justin was going to be on the show, she sent along a mock-up of what their cover could be—O's first swimsuit edition!

What does Justin think of Oprah and Ellen baring some buff bikini bods? "I've got to say that's a bold choice," Justin says.

"That is not going to happen," Oprah says, laughing.

"Never say never," Gayle says.
Justin talks about his Grammy performance.
During the 2009 Grammys, Justin pulled off an impromptu performance of "Let's Stay Together" with the Rev. Al Green, Keith Urban on guitar and Boyz II Men singing backup after Chris Brown and Rihanna's last-minute cancellation.

Justin says that afternoon he walked into his dressing room to find the president of CBS, the Grammys producer and the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences waiting. "Immediately, I'm like, 'What did I do?'" Justin jokes.

Justin says they asked him his thoughts on filling the time. After looking at the list of performers and presenters, Justin says he came up with the idea to sing with Al Green. Forty-five minutes later, everyone was on stage. They had time for only one rehearsal before the big show!

Justin says the entire performance is a testament to those involved. "I got a chance to watch it back," he says. "What was so amazing about that performance is you can tell that we're sort of shooting from the hip."
Justin Timberlake's dogs
Who's always home to greet Justin when he comes back from tour?

His dogs! Justin has a pit bull/lab mix, two boxers named Buckley and Brennan and a new puppy named Billy.

When he's not at home, Justin says his cousin Rachel takes good care of the pack.

"She sort of has joint custody of the dogs," he says.

Justin Timberlake's dream jobs
Justin is an actor, producer, songwriter, fashion designer...so if he couldn't do any of those things, what would he do?

"Well, I've got to be honest. I still have a dream to set the pick, make the assist and play in the NBA," he says.

Being a professional golfer is another backup career, Justin says. "I love golf, so [I'd play the] senior tour."

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