During the 2009 Grammys, Justin pulled off an impromptu performance of "Let's Stay Together" with the Rev. Al Green, Keith Urban on guitar and Boyz II Men singing backup after Chris Brown and Rihanna's last-minute cancellation.

Justin says that afternoon he walked into his dressing room to find the president of CBS, the Grammys producer and the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences waiting. "Immediately, I'm like, 'What did I do?'" Justin jokes.

Justin says they asked him his thoughts on filling the time. After looking at the list of performers and presenters, Justin says he came up with the idea to sing with Al Green. Forty-five minutes later, everyone was on stage. They had time for only one rehearsal before the big show!

Justin says the entire performance is a testament to those involved. "I got a chance to watch it back," he says. "What was so amazing about that performance is you can tell that we're sort of shooting from the hip."


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