During one episode of SNL, viewers were falling out of their chairs when Justin played a backup dancer in Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" video—leotard, pantyhose and all. The sketch is a YouTube sensation with more than 35 million views...and counting!

Although Justin has only officially hosted the show twice, he says the producers are great about letting him drop in for some "drive-by comedy" whenever he's in town—which is how Justin's "Single Ladies" performance came about.

It all started with a call to friend and SNL performer Andy Samberg—who asked if he'd seen the video yet. "I actually hadn't," Justin says. "So he sent a copy of the video to me, and I called him immediately and I said, 'We're going to be dancers in the video, aren't we?'"

Justin says he doesn't take himself too seriously. "You put a grown, you know, pretty hairy man in a leotard, and it's just funny," he says. "I felt sexy in the pantyhose. I'm not afraid to say that."


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