Jordana Spiro
If her My Boys character were a real person, we're pretty sure she'd be our best friend. So we got to know the actress behind PJ…and she's pretty awesome too! Jordana Spiro lets us in on some fun facts.

Favorite movie: Never on Sunday. It's great! It's a 1960 Greek film, just amazing and so beautiful. It's set on an island, there's beautiful music—a really good get-some-ice-cream-and-watch-in-bed kind of movie.

Ideal dinner guest, living or dead: I feel like you sort of have to go with Jesus on that one.

Favorite way to spend a day off: Lying on a beach doing absolutely nothing. I'm contemplating how I can angle another day off. I'm sure My Boys needs to film on a beach soon, right? Those Newman brothers are so rich, why can't they could just whisk PJ away to Hawaii?

What she would do if she weren't an actress: I think it would probably be something in international relations. I love to travel off the beaten path, and I like working in the public service arena. Combining those two in some way, shape or form would probably be my second dream job.

Favorite travel destination: I went on an incredible camping trip in the Andes mountains. That was pretty cool, pretty in the middle of nowhere. I'd love to go back there.

Favorite food:
On a fat day or a skinny day? Sushi on a good day, when I'm being healthy. Macaroni and ice cream on a bad day. Not together though—I'm not pregnant yet!

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