She plays My Boys' lovable everygirl—a regular Jane looking for love and career success and time with friends, all in perfect balance. Easier said than done. Jordana Spiro gives us a sneak peek into the comedy's new season and whether PJ will finally find a man.
Q: We here at love the show, especially since Chicago—our hometown—is featured so prominently. You don't actually shoot here though, do you?

A: No, we shoot in L.A., but Chicago remains very much a character in the next nine episodes. We do a full episode just commiserating with you and your weather. This season we're in Chicago's winter, and we deal with a lot of fake snow, which I found out was actually soap suds—my hair got a lot shinier! It was funny because we were all bundled up in hats and gloves and scarves and we were sitting there sweating because they couldn't get the air condition on set to work. You know when your face is pink from cold? I'm hoping that's what it looked like, because we were actually just hot and sweaty.


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