Messina moved from the Northeast to Nashville at age 19 to try her hand at a singing career. Her mother, who has always been supportive, gave Messina $500, all she had, and told her to follow her dream. Messina released her debut self-titled album in 1996 and has since sold more than 5 million records and received countless awards.

As an artist, she is CEO of her own brand and employs a number of people, including her band. In 2009, the touring market was down 30 percent due to the plummeting economy, and Messina says she sold a number of assets to keep her people employed.

She's also been very active in a number of charities, including Harvest Hands Community Development, a nonprofit dedicated to improve life for the citizens of South Nashville. Messina has enabled donations to Haiti relief organizations through her official website. As her the lyrics off her new single state: "When people make a difference just being how they are / Or when someone wants to lend a helping hand / That's God."


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