Jenny McCarthy reveals her best beauty secrets.
Actress, comedian and autism activist Jenny McCarthy, a hometown Chicago girl, graces the March 2009 of Michigan Avenue magazine. In her interview, she talks about her love of Bikram yoga and reveals her best beauty secrets. "It's oh-so revealing," Oprah says.

Never one to hold anything back, Jenny opens up about one of Hollywood's most hush-hush treatments—Botox. "People were surprised I was so open about [Botox]," she says. "When people see everyone in Hollywood, they look up to them. I think everyone should be honest about what they're doing."

After some trial and error, Jenny says she's found a way to make the treatments look more natural and avoid the "frozen face" syndrome. She says she gets injections in her forehead, but she asks her doctor to use just a small amount. "I mean a little bit," she says. "I'm not promoting it, but anything that makes you feel good..."
Jenny McCarthy refers to her longtime love, actor Jim Carrey, as her husband.
In the interview, Jenny also refers to her longtime love, actor Jim Carrey, as her "husband." Since she's been married before, Jenny says she didn't need the white dress and legal documents.

"We were very honest right from the start and said we don't need that piece of paper to prove our love," she says. "I'm so madly in love with him. To know that I'm with him because I want to is the best secret."

In this day and age, Jenny says marriage licenses should be treated like driver's licenses. "Expires after four years," she says. "Then you look at each other, and you figure out if you want to renew it or let it expire."

Ali Wentworth, another member of Oprah's panel, has been married for almost eight years and says she agrees. "I would like to kind of regroup every four years," she says. "I don't want out. I'm happy. But I'd love to sit down and kind of go, 'Hey, just for the record...maybe not the underwear on the floor every night.'"

Jenny McCarthy says she and Jim Carrey don't laugh all the time.
Contrary to popular belief, Jenny says she and Jim don't sit around laughing at their own jokes.

"That's the number one question. ... We're very spiritual, very serious, very loving," she says. "We don't watch the news. We try to stay away from newspapers. We read a lot of spiritual books."

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Jenny says their main focus is growing together spiritually. They also manage to keep the spark alive at the same time. “The sex is still awesome,” she says.
Jenny McCarthy says Jim Carrey lets out his silly side when he's telling stories.
Over the years, Jim has also developed a close bond with Jenny's son, Evan. Jenny says Jim will let out his silly side when he's playing with Evan or telling stories.

"It's the most animated, hilarious thing ever," she says.

On St. Patrick's Day, Jim even dressed up as a leprechaun to entertain Evan. "Evan was out of his mind," Jenny says.

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