In the interview, Jenny also refers to her longtime love, actor Jim Carrey, as her "husband." Since she's been married before, Jenny says she didn't need the white dress and legal documents.

"We were very honest right from the start and said we don't need that piece of paper to prove our love," she says. "I'm so madly in love with him. To know that I'm with him because I want to is the best secret."

In this day and age, Jenny says marriage licenses should be treated like driver's licenses. "Expires after four years," she says. "Then you look at each other, and you figure out if you want to renew it or let it expire."

Ali Wentworth, another member of Oprah's panel, has been married for almost eight years and says she agrees. "I would like to kind of regroup every four years," she says. "I don't want out. I'm happy. But I'd love to sit down and kind of go, 'Hey, just for the record...maybe not the underwear on the floor every night.'"


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