Actress, comedian and autism activist Jenny McCarthy, a hometown Chicago girl, graces the March 2009 of Michigan Avenue magazine. In her interview, she talks about her love of Bikram yoga and reveals her best beauty secrets. "It's oh-so revealing," Oprah says.

Never one to hold anything back, Jenny opens up about one of Hollywood's most hush-hush treatments—Botox. "People were surprised I was so open about [Botox]," she says. "When people see everyone in Hollywood, they look up to them. I think everyone should be honest about what they're doing."

After some trial and error, Jenny says she's found a way to make the treatments look more natural and avoid the "frozen face" syndrome. She says she gets injections in her forehead, but she asks her doctor to use just a small amount. "I mean a little bit," she says. "I'm not promoting it, but anything that makes you feel good..."


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