Q: If you could project yourself into the future—what would the ideal scenario be in terms of the campaign?

A: My wish for America is the same for the UK, and everywhere really: that every child, no matter where they come from, is able to have home-cooked food in school 180 days of the year from the age of 4 to the age of 18. And that during those years they are taught about food and get some kind of relevant, exciting, hands-on life skills and cooking classes so when they do leave school, they are armed and equipped to cook great food, within budgets and how to enjoy salads and greens, not because they have to eat them but because they want to eat them. I think that, in conjunction with a slightly more robust sports initiative in schools, will definitely, without question set America up to be in a totally, totally different place in the next 13 years, and it sounds like a long time but it is really not.

I think these wishes are really simple, and if they don't come true, there is enough evidence out there to give you a glimpse at what our destiny looks like: At the moment, the cost of obesity in America is $145 billion! And in the next eight to 10 years, it is set to double. Quite frankly, if nothing else, you can't afford to have that happen. So let's take any small amount of cash from the predicted amount that's going to be spent on treating obesity and invest it in preventing the problem in the first place. I think that's common sense, but unfortunately, basic common sense often struggles to get through Congress. Fingers crossed. The only ones that can make it happen are you guys, so to all of you, the parents of America, I say be loud, be noisy. This stuff is basic. You all deserve it, so get busy with it, don't take any crap, don't let anyone beat you down, don't let anyone tell you that what your child eats isn't your business because what your child eats and what your child is taught is totally your business. Don't forget you are paying for it with your tax dollars. 

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