Q: What is your message to anyone who has watched the show and wants to make positive changes?

A: Educate yourself about food and cooking. Even if you cruise around my website and read up on a few things and talk to people on the forums, in literally one month you could be shopping differently, budgeting differently, cooking differently and really enjoying it. And you'll start to see the benefits of that within about three weeks, you really will. All the latest research from the States that I've seen is showing that diet-related diseases are crippling the American public, but the incredible thing is that the damage done by a poor diet can—I repeat can—be reversed, so you must not think that it is too late. Everyone has different issues and different problems, but whatever the problems are, switching from processed to the fresh will make a radical difference and make you feel better, and ultimately it is going to make you live a longer, healthier life.

Q: What is your message for school cooks who want to make positive changes as well?

A: I am on your side 110 percent. If you are a school cook who is already doing great work, then you are probably fed up with me talking about how bad everything is, but I'm afraid I have to because 95 percent of schools in America have the same processed stuff coming in. So if you are one of those great schools that don't serve junk, then congratulations, I totally admire you. But if you are a school cook that is stuck with the processed food stuff and you want to change and want to help, there are loads of resources here on my website. Good luck to you; you can do it. Remember that it's so important and we really appreciate all of the hard work that you do. But if you're a school cook who wants to carry on serving the junk, I'm afraid you're going to have to move with the times.


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