Q:You reacted quite strongly to the hospital board. Why was this?

A: I think I was polite but forceful. I just wanted to be really honest, and I didn't want the board to think they were dealing with someone who didn't know what they were talking bout. I know the food industry very well from a restaurant point of view, a service point of view, a school meals and corporate point of view, and I've also worked with governments on various food-related projects. When I see a place that needs so much help and the people in charge are institutional people just being institutional, I can't help but get frustrated because my strategy is to always get in there and get my hands dirty. Politicians who sit in nice offices and have corporate lunches but don't have a clue about what's really going on—they don't get out and see how things really are; they don't change things. It's about going to the mortuary and seeing how many people have died from obesity, it's about going to the schools and seeing what the kids are eating, it's about spending the time with the school cooks and getting down to the real nitty-gritty.


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