Q: The flash mob looked like lots of fun. How long did it take for the crowd to gather?

A: The crowd just came out of the blue really, and it was just a bit of fun to spread the word. Obviously, everyone was thinking, "What is going on?" I think that all the guys who got involved did a great job. The whole point of a flash mob is to create a bit of a scene and get people talking, whether it is online or in the local community. It served its purpose really well because we ended up getting loads of interest as a result. The papers were going mad; the radios were going mad—it was perfect.

Q: How did it feel when you arrived in the kitchen on the day when people came to cook and make up the 1,000?

A: Huntington is a community of 50,000, and I needed to get 2 percent of them coming in to do this, so it was quite a big ask. I was relieved more than anything when everyone showed up. To be honest, I have been relieved through this whole process. None of those people had been organized to come; they were just local people who were interested. It was brilliant.

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