Q: How proud did you feel when the kids came out to speak to everyone?

A: Well, that was amazing. There aren't many opportunities on network TV where young people have a voice, especially on the subject of bad health as a result of the crap we eat. I know we are tired of hearing about diabetes and obesity and we've seen too many statistics we can't relate to, but when these kids walked out, it was like they were the voice of America and they spoke so much sense. They were full of positivity, honesty, and wore their hearts on their sleeves. They spoke so eloquently and brought the whole room to tears, which was quite an amazing moment really. I looked around and everyone was crying—the principle was crying, even the TV crew was crying. They didn't rehearse any of their speeches, and I know that because I was with them three minutes before they went out. In this whole story, I think the young people turned out to be the trump card. They got the message across and really sorted things out. If you'd put any world leader, any senator, any governor or CEO in that room at that moment to listen to those kids, they would have been affected the same way.


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