Q: It was inspiring to see such a diverse range of teenagers—most of whom had personal experiences of obesity. At this stage, did this boost your confidence and make you feel that there could be a positive resolution for the campaign?

A: Huntington is really no different from any other town in America, and American towns aren't that different from towns in the UK and many other countries. What I mean is, in all these places, you'll often find three or four generations of people who haven't been taught to cook at home or at school. The minute you go into a classroom and say, "Put your hand up if you have been affected in any way by obesity or diet-related disease," literally everyone's hands goes up. This was certainly the case in Huntington, and lots of young people were tired of it. People in my class had had their lives wrecked by eating a life of bad food. They'd lost family members because of it, so it was not a joke. They were very passionate about it and a bit pissed off about it, and you need that.


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